What is the Listento plugin?

Listento is a software audio plugin designed to stream audio from DAW to web browser or to another DAW. Listento allows real-time streaming of several lossless and compressed formats. The Listento plugin is available in VST, VST3, AU and AAX formats.

How do I use the Listento plugin?

To start using the Listento plugin, select the track (Audio or Instrumental) and add the Listento plugin into empty insert slot.

  • Log-in using your account settings
  • Set the Session Name
  • Copy the link of your session and send it to your collaboration partner
  • Click the Start Transmission button to begin streaming

Is it possible to use multiple instances of the Listento plugin?

Yes. You can use the Listento plugin in multiple tracks. Each instance will create a new stream. You can switch between streams in the Listento web player or select the desired stream channel in receiver drop down menu

What is the Listento Receiver Plugin?

Listento Receiver is a plugin that allows receiving and recording the incoming audio stream from a remote Listento plugin

How do I use the Listento Receiver plugin?

To start using the Listento Receiver plugin:

  • Create an AUX track (or use Input channel in Cubase or Nuendo)
  • Assign audio input to AUX channel (Audio must be present on assigned audio channel). When there is no input assigned to AUX channel DAW will disable plug-ins on that channel and no stream reception will be possible.
  • Add the Listento Receiver plugin to an insert slot of the AUX track
  • Paste the link
  • Click the Connect button – now you should be able to hear the incoming signal

In order to record the incoming audio stream from Listento plugin:

  • Connect the AUX track output to the Audio track input
  • Record arm Audio track
  • Start recording

How does the Listento Receiver affects my insert chain?

Listento Receiver – is an effect plugin that outputs received audio stream. When the plugin is inserted on a track, all the audio before Listento Receiver will be muted

Does the LIstento plugin affect the audio?

The Listento plugin is a pass-thru effect and doesn’t affect your audio. Like other effect plugins, its processing takes place before the mixer fader of your DAW, so changing volume on a track where the Listento plugin is inserted won’t affect the volume of streaming audio

What network ports used by Listento ?

Listento uses ports standard TCP ports 80 and 443 for communication . If these ports are blocked by firewall , plugin won’t function properly .Please refer to user manual of your network equipment for firewall setup

How many people can listen to my stream ?

Maximum number of Listento clients that can connect to the stream is 40 . Listento client is an instance of a receiver plug-in ,browser window/tab, iOS or Android receiver application. Transmitter can adjust maximum number of allowed clients in a plug-in UI and use this limit as a security measure

How many computers I can install Listento on

You can install Listento on to as many computers as you like , however number you can login from only 3 uniques machines at the same time. Bear in mind that you can’t disconnect from 3 machines and immediately connect on another 3. At least 60 minutes need to pass from last login in order to allow login from another machine