Listento doesn’t show up in PreSonus Studio One

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Possible causes:

a) The plug-in is hidden. Open Plug-ins manager and unhide the Listento

b) The Listento plug-in isn’t installed in the default folder C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3 (Windows)

c) If the Listento 32-bit downloader was used and you’re running the 64-bit Studio One, then the Listento won’t show up. Presonus Studio One 64-bit doesn’t support 32-bit plugins. (Windows)

d) Presonus Studio One Prime version doesn’t support third-party plugins. Higher tiers of Studio One, such as Artist and Professional, support third-party plugins.

e) Make sure you have VST3 Plug-in support or AudioUnit plug-in support enabled in Advanced / Service settings of your Studio One.