Not able to login in the Listento UI or to my Audiomovers account

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First, check your license status under Products and Profile in your account. Please note that the license expiration time is in UTC.

If your license expired during your session, you will need to extend the license first and then relaunch the plug-in in your DAW / host.

If you’re not able to login to your Audiomovers account, there is a possible error caused by any whitespace in your login information. Another issue could be related to an autofill function executed by a built-in web browser or third-party password manager.

If after verifying the mentioned above, you still can not login to your Audiomovers account in your web browser, then please request a password reset by clicking on ‘Forgot Password?’.

In case you’re able to login to your Audiomovers account, then review your login information in the Listento plug-in UI. Double-check for whitespaces and avoid using a password manager autofill in case you have one. We recommend copying and pasting your login information to a simple text editor to verify it. It sounds too obvious, but a majority of our support tickets with a similar issue are resolved by following these simple instructions.