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#AllStarMixTricks | Alina Smith

Your voice is the only instrument that is completely unique to you. Whether you’re a gifted vocalist or not, using vocals as instruments and textures in your tracks can be a great way to help it stand out, as well as filling out the mix or adding some ambience.

As part of our  #AllStarMixTricks, Alina Smith, ½ of the production and songwriting duo LYRE MUSIC GROUP explains how she layers up her airy vocals to create unique pad sounds and melodies. 

“What I mean by this is specifically using your voice, because it is the only instrument that you have that no one else will have, to create melodies and pads.”

Opening up the project for ‘Bathing Suit’, a track she produced for her LYRE MUSIC GROUP counterpart, Elli Moore, Alina shares:

“This is a technique I use on every single song I produce. I have a pretty airy voice and I use it as a pad quite a bit, to add a bit of oomph to this post-chorus.”

Watch the full video here:

Neil Dowd
Author: Neil Dowd