LISTENTO is a remote collaboration plugin that allows users to share uncompressed audio straight from the DAW. 

Users create and share links with clients or collaborators, which can then be opened in the DAW, in a web browser window, or the LISTENTO iOS player application. 

LISTENTO features user-adjustable transmission latencies and supports a variety of lossless and lossy audio formats, such as PCM, AAC and Opus. 

With LISTENTO you can stream to multiple clients simultaneously without taxing transmitter internet connection. The transmitter inter connection always uses a single-cast stream, which then converts to a multicast stream when it reaches our servers.

LISTENTO is a secure and reliable service with a dozen servers spread across the globe. It works out of the box and has custom transmission protocol utilize standard HTTPS ports which don’t require any IT infrastructure change or adjustment.

The LISTENTO application combines both the transmitter and receiver plugins into one single application and allows users to use any audio device (Core Audio, WASAPI) to input and output remote audio.

It can stream or receive up to 16 channels of audio and features a built-in MTC generator, which generates MTC timecode from incoming audio stream, allowing for remote synchronization of DAW playheads across the internet.LEARN MORE