Listento Application Listento Application DAWless high quality audio streaming Download New Public Beta 6 - Stream and receive up to 16 channels
- Record remote streams using built in recorder
- Monitor individual channels via Monitoring section
- Core Audio, ASIO and Windows Audio drivers supported
Do more remotely TRY NOW Listento Real-Time High-Resolution Remote Collaboration With Anyone In the World

Hi-Resolution Audio

Stream Hi-Resolution Audio
AAC or PCM streaming options

Multi Channel

Stream mono, stereo, quad, 5.1 or 7.1
surround audio

Low Latency

User-selectable latencies to match internet connection or sync to video chat

For Education

Enhance and expand teaching instructions in music education.
Support student learning

Collaborative Production

Collaborate with others. Stream mixes or masters directly from DAW.
Capture recordings with a built-in recorder