What affects LISTENTO streaming quality?

The LISTENTO plug-in can deliver lossless audio up to 32bit PCM with 0.1 sec latency.

However, we of course don’t control things on your end. There are a number of things that can affect your streaming quality:

  • Internet bandwidth: There’s quite a difference in the amount of data transferred in the different PCM or AAC format settings. If you have limited bandwidth and are concerned about audio dropouts, you can try reducing the streaming quality settings. There are references below to help illustrate the difference in quality and required internet bandwidth.
  • Latency settings: If you are experiencing an issue at a chosen latency, try increasing your latency.
  • Hardware buffer size: Increasing this may also improve your experience.
  • VPN services: By rerouting your traffic, VPNs can lower your upload and download rates and thereby increase latency.
  • Any other local Internet activity: If you are simultaneously running a video call, or are on a shared connection, this will affect your overall bandwidth

For further assistance, check out the LISTENTO user guide or try LISTENTO free for 7 days.