Where can I find LISTENTO Logs, the Audio Cache and my LISTENTO Preferences in MacOS?

There are a few different locations for the Library folder in MacOS for the Logs, the Audio Cache and my Listento Preferences.

One is under Macintosh HD/Library and the other under Macintosh HD/Users//Library. In order to access Macintosh HD/Users//Library, open Finder and then click on the “Go” in the top bar menu.

Press the option key on your keyboard to reveal the Library under the “Go” menu.

Listento Logs: ~/Library/Logs/com.audiomovers.listento Listento Preferences: ~/Library/Preferences/com.audiomovers.listento Audio Cache: ~Library/Cache/AudioUnitCache

If you make any changes to the folders above, it is advisable to reboot your computer."