“LISTENTO has changed the landscape and became a staple” – Paulie Simmons | #NerdingOut

In today’s edition of #NerdingOut, we are at Blackbird Studios, to speak with the Nashville studios’ former operations manager and drum tech Paul Simmons about the moment he first encountered LISTENTO and the combined power LISTENTO and OMNIBUS have when working with immersive audio.

#NerdingOut is where we visit studios around the globe to ask producers, engineers and artists about their favorite tools of the trade.

The plugins that never leave their chain, the gear they would save from a burning building, or the instruments they bring to every session.

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With LISTENTO, I found out about it, I put the plugin on the mix bus, sent the link, and it just worked. And I was just like, where has this been?

We’ve had a couple of really big sessions here. In this room, we have a major producer doing strings at Air in London, and their connection that they wanted to use was failing. I threw up Audiomovers and they were running. It really changed the landscape and it became a staple because almost everyone’s got someone on the other end.

Now with Atmos and spatial audio and Sony 360 and these formats LISTENTO is gonna be a no brainer for that. I had heard about OMNIBUS, downloaded it. So I can take YouTube from the Mac and put it in on a Stereo Pro Tools channel in two seconds. No flipping through anything. It just worked.

If we’re doing a laptop video chat, that’s gonna be so easy for me to route into sessions now. I’m just like, oh man, why did I have this a year ago?