With OMNIBUS you can route audio to any application on your Mac, combine or split different audio sources to send to multiple destinations for easy A/B testing and combine audio input devices for DAW outputs.

OMNIBUS turns your computer into a virtual patchbay and simplifies even the most complex audio routing configurations.

Getting Started with OMNIBUS


Routing configurations can be saved as ‘Snapshots’ for later use. Snapshots are a great way to reference your mixes and streamline your workflow.

OMNIBUS allows you save up to 100 snapshots simultaneously and gives you the ability to label and assign each snapshot as a hot key (CMD + 1-9) to switch between various routing configurations with ease. You can also switch between snapshots by using the arrows next to the save button.

Understanding the UI

  1. Snapshot settings:
    1. Delete Snapshot
    2. Save Snapshot
    3. Switch snapshots (up/down)
    4. Select Snapshot
    5. New Snapshot
  2. Snapshot number (right click to assign hot key)
  3. Selected snapshot (Highlighted purple)
  4. Name Snapshot (double click on name to change)