Simplify Your Digital Audio Routing – OMNIBUS 3.0

Warren Huart and Audiomovers Head of Product Igor Maxymenkowalk through OMNBIUS 3.0 and the process of configuring it for various routing scenarios. Whether you’re setting it up for a simple podcast recording or a complex multi-machine audio production, watch now on Produce Like A Pro. 

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OMNIBUS can handle even the most complex routing scenarios with ease, and makes networking audio easier than ever before. 

  • Route multichannel audio between different machines connected to the same network via AVB or NDI
  • Four configurable virtual audio devices with up to 256 I/O channels per device 
  • Separate system and application audio outputs and use applications as audio sources in the OMNIBUS routing matrix 
  • Save and load routing snapshots or entire OMNIBUS sessions and open them on other machines
  • Switch routing snapshots from an Elgato Stream Deck, MIDI controller, key commands or Hot Snapshot panel