“The dream is to be part of a record that changes everything” – Nathan Dantzler

In this episode of #DreamCollabs, Grammy Award-winning mastering engineer and owner of Nashville-based mastering powerhouse The Hit Lab, Nathan Dantzler (Niall Horan, Teddy Swims, Kelsea Ballerini), shares his thoughts on the transcendent power of music and the records that have defined culture throughout the decades.

We all have #DreamCollabs is where we ask who would your dream collaboration be with? Living or dead, money and travel are no object. And what would you do?

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One of my favorite things in art and culture and in music are those pivotal moments where something comes out and it changes everything.

In the early 90s you had hair metal was everywhere and then Nirvana came out and it just tidal wave all the hair bands were done, right? And I think that we saw that with the Beatles and we saw that to an extent with Billie Eilish and we’ve seen that with whatever.

For me the dream is to be a part of one of those records. To be part of a record that changes culture.

Something that we had our little bitty part in affects the world in such a way that it’s never the same after that. For me, that’s the goal.