WATCH: How Matthew Genovese mixes analogue from his car | #101

Our collaborators are diving into the essential things you need to know in our series, #101.

In this episode we are joined by writer, producer, mixer and collaborator extraordinaire Matthew Genovese.

Watch the full video to discover how he utilizes LISTENTO to streamline the mixing process and test and tweak sounds on different speakers while on the go without needing to print and export mixes. 



One way I use Audiomovers that’s very useful and kind of unique is I will send myself a link to stream it from my car.

For the most part, I have my room pretty dialled in, so everything translates. Occasionally there’s a song with some elements that I don’t normally record like an upright bass or something like that. And I’m less familiar with how it sounds on a lot of different speakers.

I will record the song and then I’ll be going to the grocery store or something and I want to check my mix in the car and instead of me printing a whole mix, exporting to iTunes and then I got to bring it into iTunes and then update my iCloud library so it shows up on my phone. And sometimes that doesn’t happen and it’s a whole thing.

So sometimes I just put the LISTENTO plugin on my master channel and I send myself a link and I open up the app on my phone and I just get in my car and drive to Whole Foods and I can stream it in my car on the way there and back.

I can kind of figure out oh, I should add more bass or take some out and immediately when I come home from my errand, I already know exactly what I need to do.

I’ve even gone as far as sat in my car and screen shared on a laptop my screen in here and actually tweaked the mix while sitting in my car and streaming the audio from Audiomovers.