WATCH: #TilYouMakeIt | Bainz

“All the big artists I’ve got to record with, came from working with him (Young Thug). So that’s how it really happened for me.” — Bainz

There’s no secret formula that will guarantee that you get your “big break” in music, but there are things you can be doing to increase your chances.

Networking and surrounding yourself with the right people is paramount, and multi-platinum recording and mix engineer Bainz (Gunna, Young Thug, YOUNG STONER LIFE RECORDS) knows this all too well.

In our latest #TilYouMakeIt episode, we hear how Bainz became a household name in the Atlanta rap scene by becoming the go-to mixer and engineer for Young Thug and his label Young Stoner Life Records.



“I started working with thug. Thug is the Atlanta scene. All the big artists I’ve now gotten to record with through working with him. So that’s that’s really how it happened for me.

It’s actually crazy. I’d never been to Atlanta before working with Thug. I only started going there a few years into my time working with them.
And when I went there, everyone was so friendly and so welcoming, and everyone knew who I was just off of working with them.

And I was like, Oh, I like this. I’m kind of low-key famous here. I like this because like, there’s just this crazy like, community over there. And everyone is just so friendly and everyone works and everyone’s in the studio.

With people playing games, playing playstation, people recording in one room, you know, after a certain point, it just feels like you’re with family and you’re hanging out and you’re working towards the same collective goal.”