How to use?

Insert LISTENTO plug-in into any channel in a DAW of your choice. Listento is a pass-thru, pre fader plug-in so your audio is not affected.

Log in to your account, copy link to your session and send it your client

Press start streaming button and your audio will be live streamed to web page which is accessible only to a person with a link provided by you.

Web Player

Click on received link or copy/paste it in to your web browser address bar

Press Start Streaming button and start to listen


To start using the Listento Receiver plugin just create an AUX track,

  • Put the Listento Receiver into insert slot of the AUX track;
  • Paste the link;
  • Click Connect button – now you should be able to hear incoming signal.

In order to record incoming audio stream from Listento plug-in

  • Connect AUX track output to the Audio track input;
  • Record arm Audio track;
  • Start recording.