WATCH: #AllStarMixTricks | Jack Leonard

What’s the best way to break the ice before songwriting with an artist for the first time? A cup of tea and a chat is Jack Leonard’s solution. 

In this edition of #AllStarMixTricks, songwriter and producer Jack Leonard accentuates the importance of building a personal connection with your collaborators before entering the studio and how this can often be the moment when inspiration strikes.

Full transcript:

“You’ve kind of got to get on the same wavelength in order to capture what it is you’re trying to write about.

My mix trick isn’t really anything technical. Before I write a song with an artist, I always like to have a cup of tea. That’s an essential ingredient, or coffee or whatever floats your boat.

Just so we’ve got an opportunity to sit down and have a chat, get to know each other, just sort of ask about how they’re feeling or just have some like banal conversation about absolutely anything because you’ve really no idea where the idea is gonna come from.

Neil Dowd
Author: Neil Dowd