WATCH: #AllStarMixTricks | MixedByJocelin

Producer and Mix Engineer MixedByJocelin showcases his #AllStarMixTricks for upping the energy of Drill and Trap beats.

Sometimes it can be the simplest techniques that help to bring your mixes over the line.

Pulling up the original Logic project for his mix for the Clavish freestyle on Kenny Allstar’s YouTube series ‘The Generals Corner’, MixedByJocelin demonstrates how b-cuts can be used to build energy.

Full transcript:

“My name is MixedByJocelin and my Mix Trick is adding beat cuts. Let me show you.

I took the first hit of the beat, but I’ve cut the group totally and I’ve simply copied and pasted it two times in front of it .

This is going to give us like almost like a DJ queue effect so it’s like ‘boom boom’ before it drops in, which is going to build energy and bring more of a vibe to the song.”

Neil Dowd
Author: Neil Dowd