“Are you just getting lucky or do we have something here?” – Jeff Braun #TheMakingOf

Grammy-nominated, multi-platinum-selling mix engineer Jeff Braun (Jason Aldean, Elle King, Nelly) takes us behind the scenes on #TheMakingOf the mix of Jason Aldean’s 6x platinum-certified single ‘You Make It Easy’.  

What started out as a one-off opportunity for Jeff from Michael Knox, the music publishing executive, multi-platinum producer and President of Peermusic Nashville, has now evolved into four Jason Aldean albums, multiple number-one hits, and a level of confidence and credibility that has helped establish Jeff Braun as one of the most sought-after mixing engineers in mainstream country music industry. 

#TheMakingOf is where producers, engineers and mixers lift the hood on their biggest hits, taking us behind the stems within the original sessions. 

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My first number one was Jason Aldean, ‘You Make It Easy’. That was a big deal. That was a big song and it was a big song for Jason as an artist. I think it’s four times platinum now.

I’ve been mixing a lot for Peer, a publisher in town, but I’ve been doing like sync side stuff for them. Michael Knox, I think heard stuff and then he just gave me a shot on one and he was like, ‘Hey, just take a stab at it’. And then he was like, ‘okay, this is, this is cool. Can you do another one?’ There’s another one.

And then I think he was still unsure, like, are you just getting lucky, or do we have something here? And then I think he sent, like, two more. I did two more and then he was like, ‘OK, you’ve got the record. Let’s do this whole thing together’. And then that was five or six years ago or something like that. I think that brought some credibility, because he’s like an A list artist.

So it just brought confidence in other people sending stuff, where it’s like, Oh, okay, yeah, he kind of does stuff with everybody. Like, yeah, we’ll send him this and see how it goes.

And that was like my first real break into the mainstream country scene. And it was like, alright, here we go.