Bad Wolves: Writing riffs remotely with the LISTENTO app

Doc Coyle; the guitarist for heavy-metal quintet Bad Wolves, opened up about how he was able to have virtual songwriting sessions with guitarist Max Karon for their 2021 album ‘Dear Monsters.’

Behind every great band, there are often other musicians, songwriters and producers behind-the-scenes that help them towards bringing their vision to life. For Bad Wolves, this person was Max Karon.

Even as early as their debut album ‘Disobey’, Karon was an integral part of the band’s sound, with a huge portion of the instrumental for that album being written between him and drummer John Boecklin. 

Three years later ‘Dear Monsters’ was no exception to this. Chatting with the team at Guitar World, Coyle broke down how he and Karon were able to bounce riff ideas between each other remotely using the LISTENTO app, with many of the demos made in the sessions subsequently making the final record.

Since this album, Karon has become a permanent member of the band. In the official announcement, posted to their Facebook just two weeks ago, they stated that the decision was “a no-brainer decision. There is no other person on this earth that would be a better fit for Bad Wolves than Max.”

Outside of Bad Wolves, Coyle also hosts his podcast entitled Ex-Man which you can check out for free here.

Neil Dowd
Author: Neil Dowd