#AllStarMixTricks | Mirek Stiles

As audio professionals, it’s always tempting to stick to what you know. However, remaining in comfort can often come at a price. 

Head of Audio Products at Abbey Road Studios Mirek Stiles expresses the paramount importance of experimentation in this instalment of #AllStarMixTricks. 

Touching upon his experience diving into spatial audio in game engines, he shares how free resources found on platforms such as YouTube allowed him to grasp concepts that initially felt alien to him.

Full transcript:

“Hi, my name is Mirek Stiles. I’m the head of audio products at Abbey Road Studios. 

My mix trick, even though it isn’t really a trick, I suppose, is to get outside of your comfort zone. From an audio point of view, it’s tempting to stay in the arena of what you know. I was put into a situation a few years ago where I started to explore spatial audio in game engines. It was completely out of my comfort zone. And it took a while to get my head around it all. But there’s great resources out there on platforms like YouTube.” 

Yeah, I just think that’s the best tip I can give is just get out of your comfort zone.”
Neil Dowd
Author: Neil Dowd