WATCH: #HorrorStories | Teezio

With Halloween around the corner, we’re asking the best in the business for their #HorrorStories. First up to the plate is two-time Grammy-nominated engineer Teezio.

Every pro has one – the unwavering memory of a mistake too big to forget.

#HorrorStories brings these memories to the surface, as the world’s biggest producers, songwriters and engineers unveil the most outlandish blunders of their careers — providing a much-needed reminder that even the greats make mistakes.

Full Transcript:

“There’s a really big fuckup that goes like beyond the average fuckup. And it wasn’t entirely my fault. But you could say that it is the engineers fault to make sure.

There was a thing a long time ago that UNICEF did where everyone was singing John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’. So I recorded a bunch of actors, David Arquette just his daughter, like all these people like all these famous actors, everything is being filmed as they’re recording, right?

So guess what? The audio somehow has to line up to the video. So usually with Pro Tools, if the interface is capturing at one sample rate 48k and the Pro Tools session is at 44k, you’ll get some sort of error automatically Pro Tools will tell you ‘hey, you need to change it’. Cool.

There’s one converter in New York and I’ll never forget it. It was at Jungle City Studios. This thing did not communicate with Pro Tools. Everything sounds fine in Pro Tools. But then when I started making the renders to give to the video people they’re like, ‘dude all of this is off sync. How could it be off sync?’ The assistant opens the closet and the converter says 48k and we literally had to throw everything away. We couldn’t use any of it.”

Neil Dowd
Author: Neil Dowd