WATCH: #AllStarMixTricks | Bainz

Go-to mixer and engineer for Young Thug and Gunna breaks down his process in the final 10% of getting a mix ready for mastering.

It’s a perennial problem: How do you know when your mix is done? We caught up with Bainz, in his room at Crosby Recording Studios to discover his answer to this question.

“When I’m done at the end, and I think I’m at a good place, I’ll still go through and listen to the song. I’ll make minor vocal automations within a dB up and down, I’ll add small minute throws here and there. Small finishing things that like take that one step forward.”

Once the mix is sounding good in his room, he then begins to test the mix across multiple devices. This is where LISTENTO enters the picture. 

“When I’m actually making those EQ decisions, it sounds really good in my room. But I don’t know if anyone’s going to hear that on a small speaker. That’s what I check on on different sources. The way I do it is I just have Audiomovers app running on my phone and I swap between Airpods and the car really quick. I have the session playing over here. While I’m walking, I’m checking on my Airpods. By the time I get into the car, without me even thinking about it, I’ve heard three different playback methods that are outside of my studio with Pro Tools still being open and I haven’t even bounced it yet.”

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Neil Dowd
Author: Neil Dowd