How remote recording saved Josh Groban’s dream album

“It allows you to share the airwaves and to jam with each other from across oceans in real-time and for it to sound as good as it would be if you were in the same room.” – Josh Groban (Multi-platinum singer-songwriter and actor)

‘Harmony’ had been a passion project for multi-platinum singer-songwriter Josh Groban for quite some time. Curated solely by Groban, the album was set to be a compilation of covers featuring all of his favourite classic songs across various genres.

However, work on the album was initially ceased due to the pandemic, Leaving Groban’s dreams for its inception hanging in the balance. The albums contributors and session musicians were scattered across the states, with travel restrictions and social distancing measures preventing them from recording in the same room. Fortunately, technology provided the solution. 

With his producer Bernie Herms in Nashville, Groban in Los Angeles and the orchestra they were recording in London, they used the LISTENTO plugin by Audiomovers to record the orchestra remotely, whilst Groban was able to listen in via the LISTENTO streaming link.

The deluxe version of the album is available now on Spotify. Check it out below:

Neil Dowd
Author: Neil Dowd