How-to: Listen to a mix remotely and give real-time feedback with Jack Leonard

‘If we’re not enjoying making it, you’re not going to enjoy listening to it’ – Jack Leonard

We join songwriter, and producer Jack Leonard in his London studio as he talks us through his process when listening to mixes remotely.

Watch to discover how he uses LISTENTO to give real-time feedback to his LA-based collaborator Matthew Genovese.



If we’re not enjoying making it, you’re not going to enjoy it listening to it.

My name is Jack Leonard, and we are in my studio in London.

So I’ll be working with Matt, he’s producer based out in LA.

We’re at the next stage now he’s going to be sending me the LISTENTO link and so it’s like I’m in the room with him.

We’re going to be going in and making some tweaks together to finish off the track.

If you really feel like that guitar needs to come up. You really feel it in the moment and it’s like it has to come up if you have to send a load of emails to describe that it’s sort of just was it down?

Makes the project just like quick and easy.

Stephen Bishop
Author: Stephen Bishop