“I just don’t know how I would make records without it now. Period.” – Vance Powell

LISTENTO has become integral to the workflow of the seven-time Grammy Award-winning producer, engineer and mixer Vance Powell (Chris Stapleton, Buddy Guy, Jack White).

From conducting remote recording sessions with the world’s most high-profile artists to streaming mixes to movie directors overseas, Vance shares the various ways he uses LISTENTO to streamline his creative process.

#NerdingOut is where we visit studios around the globe to ask producers, engineers and artists about their favorite tools of the trade.

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I just don’t even know how I would make records without it now.

When Audiomovers I immediately tried it out and I use it all the time.

And I’ve used it in interesting ways, I’ve used it bi directionally, I’ve used it in conjunction with Zoom, where I will put Audiomovers as the audio and Zoom as the video, I’ve done a movie with it where we had a director in another part of the world and all the people in the movie are all listening in to our session.

I’ve used it to record a couple duets here that were very, very, very high profile. The highest profile, really. And I like the fact that it It just works.

I set the speed I want, and how much data, and it just works. I don’t lose the line, and it opens in 96K and it opens in 44. 1, it opens in whatever… Whatever I want it to do, it does.

I just don’t even know how I would make records without it now. Period.