“I pushed up the fader and it’s Steven Tyler singing Janie’s Got a Gun” – F. Reid Shippen #Goosebumps

In this first episode of #Goosebumps, five-time Grammy Award-winning mixer, engineer, and producer F. Reid Shippen (Kenny Chesney, Ingrid Michaelson, Gloria Gaynor) recalls the various spine-tingling moments that have adorned his career so far. 

From pushing up the fader as Steven Tyler’s perfect vocals cascaded through the monitors, filling the room with  ‘Janie’s Got a Gun’, to his fulfilling his childhood dreams while working on Star Wars with the London Symphony Orchestra in Abbey Road Studios, these are the moments that gave Reid #Goosebumps. 

#Goosebumps is where we ask some of the best producers, engineers and artists about the musical moments that make the hairs stand up on the back of their neck.

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You know what’s always kind of a goosebump moment is when you’re out in public, you’re in Target, or in a restaurant, and you hear something and you’re like, this song sounds familiar, I wonder like who this is, and you realize like, oh, I did that. That’s a trick. Like, that’s pretty cool.

I mean, there’s a bunch of them. I got to work with Steven Tyler. I’m mixing the song and I push up the fader and it’s him singing. It was Janie’s Got A Gun, actually. And you’re just like, oh, okay. That’s why he’s Steven Tyler. Like, it’s perfect. It’s perfect. Stuff like that gives me goosebumps.

One of the things that I do every once in a while is stuff for Disney. As a kid born in the late 70s, Star Wars is a big part of my life. And there have been one or two times where part of the show was, uh, the London Symphony Orchestra in Abbey Road playing the Star Wars theme.

And, like, that is just… It’s as good as it gets. Takes you back to when you were like, five years old, six years old, seeing this movie for the first time.

Like, that’s always goosebumps.