“I saw Kenny Chesney and Sturgill Simpson having coffee in the kitchen” – F. Reid Shippen | #WhereIWork

In this #WhereIWork, the esteemed, five-time Grammy Award-winning mixer, engineer and producer F. Reid Shippen (Kenny Chesney, Ingrid Michaelson, Gloria Gaynor) shares what it’s like working in Nashville at Infrasonic Mastering and how the collaborative environment fosters a strong sense of community and a willingness to push creative boundaries. 

#WhereIWork is where we flash our VIP passes and gain access to the sacred spaces, the hallowed grounds where some of the best  producers, songwriters, engineers and artists call home, and explore some of the amazing projects that took shape there.

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I walked out and it was Kenny Chesney and Sturgill Simpson having coffee in the kitchen, which was trippy.

We used to be in studios and people were collaborating and you see people in the hall and you grab ’em and bring ’em in to listen to stuff, and there’s like this give and take and it kind of makes you feel like a community and also helps you challenge your perceptions and break outta ruts and habits.

So I just love having people around the studio that we have, it’s not unusual for me to walk out into the lounge and see somebody like sitting on the couch and just having people around where I can run down the hall. Sit down and have a therapy session with Pete, like, go get somebody’s opinion. Ask him if I’m crazy on something like back and forth. Like that. Energy, I think is, is conducive to good art.

People flow through here all the time and it’s fascinating. I love that energy. Being in a place where you just hear people laughing all the time, just makes everything feel better.