Binaural Renderer for Apple Music

Speed up the process of approval for immersive audio content, with Binaural Renderer.

With Binaural Renderer for Apple Music you can choose headphones or speaker profiles for music or movies with headtracking and personalized HRTF options available with supported headphones, giving you peace of mind and confidence in your mix or master.

The new standalone application features additional functionality, not available in the plugin version:

  • 16-channel virtual driver (named ‘Binaural Renderer Link’) that allow users to place the Binaural Renderer app between the Dolby Renderer output and the output audio device of your system.
  • 12-channel Spatial Renderer input which can be copied (Pass thru) to any audio device in a system so you don’t lose your speaker routing.
  • For convenience, the application also features two 2-channel pass thru aux inputs, which can be used to quickly A/B between different versions of binaural and stereo material.

Download it now (Binaural Renderer license required).