LISTENTO Player iOS App Update

You can now stream multichannel Dolby Atmos 7.1.4 audio to your iPhone or iPad, and apply Apple’s Spatial Audio rendering to the received stream with the LISTENTO iOS Player.

To take advantage, you’ll need a LISTENTO Pro subscription. Your listeners don’t need any subscription to receive the stream.

This update means engineers working on Windows machines can now monitor their Atmos audio as it will sound when uploaded to Apple Music by streaming with LISTENTO Pro to either an iPhone or iPad.


Just as with Binaural Renderer for Apple Music, the app connects to Apple’s spatialization processing, so any changes published by Apple will be automatically picked up, giving you peace of mind that you are hearing the same thing as listeners on streaming.

  • Discrete output to class-compliant audio devices
  • Stream audio to your iPhone or iPad with no lengthy setup or back & forth
  • Apply binaural rendering to 7.1.4 multichannel streams