LISTENTO for Producers | Sam Brawner (SammyB)



We recently caught up with drummer, producer, mixer and mastering engineer extraordinaire, Sam Brawner, also known as SammyB, at his Blue Dream Studios in Los Angeles.


Owned and operated by Sam, he offers a range of services at his studio including producing, recording, mixing, mastering and post-production services as well as songwriting, filming services and dedicated workshops.


Sam has worked with the likes of Anderson .Paak, Mac Ayers, Moonchild, Allen Stone and many more. His secret weapon for many of these sessions? LISTENTO.


With LISTENTO, Sam can collaborate in real-time with lossless audio, maintaining the momentum, connection and communication he has in real life whilst working with artists including Gareth Donkin and Dux


“LISTENTO is this cool plug-in which transmits high-quality audio across the world.”


Head here to see how Sam uses the plug-in whilst on remote sessions with artists from around the world. 

Jack Lintorn
Author: Jack Lintorn