LISTENTO for Songwriters | Jack Leonard and Matthew Genovese

“The thing I’ve always been fascinated with is writing a song, chasing an idea and trying to capture that lightning in a bottle” — Jack Leonard

Songwriters and producers Jack Leonard and Matthew Genovese have never met in person.

Being paired in a virtual songwriting session, the duo quickly bonded through their mutual love of the same bands and artists and decided to create something unique.

Using a combination of Zoom and LISTENTO throughout the creative process, the duo can bounce ideas back and forth, collaborating with the same energy and freedom as if they were in the room together.



The thing that I have always been fascinated with, more than sort of playing live or anything is writing a song and chasing down an idea, trying to capture that lighting in a bottle.

My name’s Jack Leonard, I am songwriter producer and we are here in my studio in West Hampstead, London.

So I’ll be working with Matt, he’s a producer based out of LA. I have actually met Matt before, we have been working together via Zoom and through Audiomovers.

When you’ve got someone to spar off and someone to bounce off, they’re the sort of times where you get the greatest songs in my opinion.

He is going to send me the LISTENTO link, and so it’s like I’m in the room with him.

Being able to listen to it whilst you’re in the moment, whilst you’re excited about it, whilst you’re like trying to capture this thing is really, really important.