New Product: Introducing OMNIBUS

OMNIBUS — Seamless audio routing for Mac

Today we’re releasing OMNIBUS – a brand new tool for Mac which works with any applications on your machine, allowing you to route between them and combine the audio of multiple applications.

— Send and receive audio between apps
— 2 built-in virtual drivers, 16 channels each
— Combine multiple audio sources into one

You can try OMNIBUS completely free for 7 days now:

Learn more and get the free demo now.

You can buy a license for the one-off price of $49.99. LISTENTO subscribers get the best deal, saving up to 100% on the price. Login now to see the price you’ll pay.

OMNIBUS routes audio between multiple audio sources via two independent 16-channel virtual drivers. Like LISTENTO, it’s versatile and easy to get started, but has a lot of powerful features and potential use cases under the hood.

A virtual patch bay for your Mac

– Easily pass through audio from one app to another
– Always-on, giving you greater control over all audio on your Mac

Easily configurable for multiple setups

– Define channel layouts with channel names, volume and muting parameters
– Route individual channels from both drivers to different outputs
– Save and name up to 8 snapshots of setups and loaded as needed

Why use OMNIBUS?

– Easy routing for screencasts
– Manage audio for podcasting and panels
– Route the audio for your gaming streams

For more help with OMNIBUS, check out our guide to getting started here.

Neil Dowd
Author: Neil Dowd