Streaming from Abbey Road to Barbie’s Dreamhouse, courtesy of LISTENTO.

The long awaited arrival of Greta Gerwig’s live action take on BarbieThe Movie is finally upon us. As we celebrate its release, we are thrilled to share the role that Audiomovers has played in bringing the Barbie Dream World to life.

Ryan Gosling, who plays Ken, recorded his vocals in Abbey Road Studios alongside engineer Riccardo Damian and Senior Runner Sarah Meyz, as the seven-time Grammy Award-Winning Music Producer and Songwriter Mark Ronson tuned in from New York via LISTENTO.

Streaming high-resolution, multi-channel audio in real-time, Mark Ronson could share feedback, give direction and enjoy the seamless remote collaboration made possible with LISTENTO.

Abbey Road Studios was also home to the recording of several of the film’s orchestral parts which were penned by Ronson and Andrew Wyatt and arranged by Matt Dunkley.

Recorded in Abbey Road Studios’ iconic Studio One by engineers Geoff Foster, Peter Cobbin and Kirsty Whalley with recordists Dan Hayden and Chris James Parker, alongside engineers Neil Dawes, Tom Ashpitel and Joe Wyatt, senior runner Sarah Meyz and runner Mack Kniese.