NEWS: Binaural Renderer for Apple Music Update

Binaural Renderer for Apple Music – ver 1.51 – Released 5th January 2024

  • Introduces Mute buttons to Spatial Renderer, Aux 1 and Aux 2 blocks.
  • Binaural Renderer can now Mute Pass through Out when the checkbox is flagged (yellow checkbox is now consistent with main colour of the channels).
  • Binaural Renderer now saves settings of Mute/Solo status.
  • Bug fix: For when switching Render Audio Output from *Audio Device* to AirPods when BS >= 512 caused Audio Buffer to get stuck.
  • Bug fix: For GUI inconsistency with ‘Authorize’ section.
  • Bug fix: For a crash for when product transitions from trialing (with a time counter) to a perpetual license.
  • Bug fix: For inconsistency in capital letters of the name of devices(Input/Output/Pass True).
  • Bug fix: For ‘Cancel’ button causing a crash of app when “Pass thru mute” button flagged and ‘Cancel’ button is pressed.

System requirements:

  • Apple Silicon Macs running Mac OS X 12.6+, 64 bit (Render mode will not have the full list of render mode profiles available if running MacOS on an Intel processor)

Supported DAWs/hosts:

  • Pro Tools 2023.6+, Logic Pro 10.7+, Nuendo 11.0.3+, Cubase Pro 12+, Reaper 6.66+

Supported channel widths:

  • 5.1, 7.1.4

Download and install, then follow license activation guidance.