NEWS: Remote Collaboration Software for all Pro Tools users

We are excited to announce that Audiomovers have partnered with Avid on a bundle to bring remote audio collaboration to new and existing Pro Tools users.

Whether mixing hip hop or recording orchestral sessions for major motion pictures, Pro Tools and LISTENTO have become essential parts of the audio engineer’s workflow for rapid client feedback. 


LISTENTO from Audiomovers is a remote collaboration plugin that allows users to share uncompressed audio straight from the DAW. Users create and share links with clients or collaborators, which can then be opened in the DAW, in a web browser window, or on Audiomovers’ own apps for iOS and Android.

  • Stream audio in real-time from Pro Tools in up to 32-bit PCM/96 kHz quality
  • Stream 16-channel multichannel audio, or spatial up to 7.1.4
  • Adjust latency from 0.1s and stream bit rate for ultimate stability
  • Listen to the stream via a link – open in your web browser, on your phone, or in Pro Tools via Receiver plugin

The offer to any new Avid Pro Tools Subscribers is twofold: 

  • Those who opt for Pro Tools Studio will receive a free year of LISTENTO Basic, while those who opt for Pro Tools Ultimate will receive a free year of LISTENTO Pro.
  • In addition, all existing Pro Tools subscribers will be offered 25% off either a LISTENTO Basic or LISTENTO Pro annual subscription.


Simultaneous listener count150 listeners10 listeners
Up to 32-bit/96 kHz streaming quality
Adjustable latency and bitrate
Stream in up to 7.1.4 surround
Up to 16 multi-channel audio transmission
Stream MIDI
Custom backgrounds

Watch how you can record a LISTENTO stream directly into your Pro Tools session in three easy steps. 

  • Set up an aux track and add the receiver plugin. 
  • Send the output of the receiver aux to another aux track and set up an audio track with the input source set as the previous aux track. 
  • Paste the streaming link you’ve been sent into the receiver plugin and record your audio track