Remote audio collaboration made possible with LISTENTO

Melbourne-based music producer, recording engineer and Badger’s frontman Michael Badger recently spoke to MIXDOWN about collaborating remotely with Belgium-based psych-rockers SONS on their latest record. 

In 2019 SONS gripped audiences worldwide with their debut album ‘Family Dinner’. Badger co-produced that record in 2018 in Ghent and was re-enlisted to co-produce the band’s latest record, their gritty, punchy and dramatic sophomore offering ‘Sweet Boy’. 

The recording process for both albums could not have differed in more ways, limited by the restrictions of Covid-19 lockdowns. With Michael working from Melbourne, the group adjusted their workflow and kept the creativity and energy of the first record flowing by using LISTENTO

With LISTENTO, the team could collaborate in real-time with lossless audio, maintaining the momentum, connection and communication they had achieved while making the previous record. 

“I made more of the creative decisions on that first record, so then on the second record, obviously I couldn’t engineer at all… and we were streaming things via the Audiomovers plugin.”

The sessions happened across this app, where everyone could see each other, and Audiomovers is a plugin that streams whatever channel it’s placed on with little latency.”

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