Sound on Sound

Sound on Sound introduces the release of Binaural Renderer for Apple Music.

Published 30th October 2023

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Music Tech

Audiomovers introduce OMNIBUS 3.0 with enhanced networking capabilities and a new UI.

Published 30th January 2024

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Production Expert

Luke Goddard speaks to Igor Maxymenko and Mirek Stiles about the history of LISTENTO.

Published 22nd February 2023

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Audiomovers announce OMNIBUS 3.0, with networking capability and new UI.

Published 25th January 2024

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Music Tech

Audiomovers launch Binaural Renderer for Apple Music plugin.

Published 6th October 2023

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Sonic State

Audiomovers introduce OMNIBUS 2.0 featuring hardware audio device I/O support.

Published 19th April 2023

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Mix Online

Igor Maxymenko speaks about the journey to Abbey Road and the future of pro audio.

Published 3rd September 2023

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Gear Space

Audiomovers introduce Web Transmitter – a browser-based audio collaboration solution.

Published 13th April 2023

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Music Radar

Audiomovers launch #OffTheRecord featuring Dire Straits producer Chuck Ainlay.

Published 21st September 2023

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