‘That’s one take I didn’t know what we had’ Vance Powell | Tracking Tennessee Whiskey #PinchYourself

“That’s one take, it’s the live vocals, the whole thing is live.” – Vance Powell

Maybe it’s working or jamming with a childhood hero or hearing a vocal that made the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. This is #PinchYourself. 

This time around, we hear from seven-time Grammy Award-winning producer, engineer, mixer and co-owner of Sputnik Sound Vance Powell (Chris Stapleton, Elle King, The White Stripes) lifts the veil and gives a behind-the-scenes look at the recording session of the iconic Chris Stapleton track Tennessee Whiskey.

Watch to discover his #PinchYourself moment.

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It’s a cover. It was a cover of a George Jones song, so it was so different from George Jones version. That now nobody knows the George Jones version.

I’ve got quite a few of them with Chris Stapleton, we had a session called ‘Jams’ where it was just the band jamming and I walked in and our assistant Soral, she had the session open, but it wasn’t recording, but it was open and they were playing Tennessee whiskey. And I was like, oh, that’s cool, hit record.

So she hits record and was like, oh my gosh, that’s great. And went out and talked a little bit and we cut it and then we cut it again. And that’s the master.

And the thing is crazy is we just thought, oh, that’s it. That’s cool. Great. Next song. And then we played it for, uh, the background singers and the band, the band we were recording and they all freaked out and they were like, oh my God. And we were like, Well, we know it’s good, but they’re like, play that again. Play it again. Play that part again. You know,

That’s one take is live vocals. Live. The whole thing is live, so that’s pretty cool. Tennessee Whiskey, by the way, is the most played song at Waffle Houses in America. It’s the most played song just by the way.