The Gear Behind: Abbey Road Studios

Building on a legacy of 91 years of groundbreaking technological advances at Abbey Road Studios – from the creation of stereo and recording techniques such as Artificial Double Tracking (ADT) to the blueprint for the modern recording console and more recently their music tech incubator Abbey Road Red – the studios has always been at the forefront of innovation.

We at Audiomovers to be part of this incredible story and together help continue pioneering the way for the future of music technology. 

To celebrate, we’ve been delving into some of the ground-breaking innovations created at Abbey Road. Watch the series in full and gain insight into the stories behind these history altering technological advancements.

The King’s Microphone

Redd 17

EMI TG12410 Console

The Neumann VMS Cutting Latches

The RS124 Compressor

EMT 140

The TG12321 Compander

EMI TG12345 Console