How to stream 7.1.4 immersive mixes using OMNIBUS + LISTENTO


By using a combination of LISTENTO and OMNIBUS, you can now seamlessly transmit your Dolby Atmos Session’s audio to collaborators for remote sign-off . For this, you need to have a LISTENTO Pro Subscription, OMNIBUS, and ensure that your client has the LISTENTO iOS Player and headphones.





Getting Started


Firstly, in the Dolby Atmos Renderer application, assign your output to one of the OMNIBUS virtual drivers – for this tutorial we will be using OMNIBUS B.


You’ll see that when we now start playback, the 7.1.4 discrete channels will travel through OMNIBUS, which can then be routed to any audio device on your Mac.


Let’s start off by routing the discrete channels from the Dolby Renderer to Hardware outputs. In this case it’s channels 1-12 of a UAD Apollo.



Now we’ve outputted the Dolby Renderer’s discrete channels to our hardware output and can monitor ourselves, let’s get ready to transmit to our remote collaborator. 


In the LISTENTO application, select your audio input device – in this case we’ll be using OMNIBUS B. Navigate to the transmitter region and create 12 channels for the 7.1.4 channels which will be travelling into the LISTENTO application. 



In OMNIBUS, route channels 1-12 from the OMNIBUS B outputs into OMNIBUS B input channels 1-12. Now if we go back into the LISTENTO application you’ll see that our 7.1.4 channels from the Dolby renderer are travelling through OMNIBUS into the LISTENTO application. 


Upon receiving a 7.1.4 LISTENTO stream, paste the link into a 7.1.4 instance of the receiver plugin or into the LISTENTO App’s receiver. You can then assign the output destination of incoming LISTENTO streams on a track-by-track basis, allowing you to correctly assign the 12 channels to your preferred speaker layout.