WATCH: #101 | Bainz

We’re diving into some of the hard won techniques and wisdom gained from working in the industry in our series #101.

For this instalment, we uncover the “co-mix” with multi-platinum recording and mix engineer Bainz.

He shares that there are multiple ways you can get a co-mix, but what’s essential is that everyone is acknowledged when they have significant involvement in making a record. #Bainz #Mixing #CoMix #MixingEngineer



The co-mix is when any, they could be a bunch of different things.

You could be someone who has a studio who’s organizing the session and delivered with the artist, engineer is also a part of it.

A lot of times the recording engineer gets Co-Mix.

Really? That’s how I, that’s how I started when I, when I first, uh, was working on ‘So Much Fun’, Alex gave me Co-Mix on a lot of them, cuz it was a lot of the stuff that I did in the recording sessions that’s stuck on.

It could just be you’re getting an acapella for someone else. It could be actually sitting in the room like me and my assistant do together a lot. Like, you know, give him Co-Mix, cause we work on the records together.

I’ll do some stuff, he’ll do some stuff. We’ll give each other ideas or here, whatever.

I might leave my finished a record. Vice versa.

When he’s prepping, he might get started or working on it.

Everything is collaborative these days and I feel like everyone should kind of get credit for it cuz that’s really what we hold proud.