WATCH: #AllStarMixTricks | Matthew Genovese

“You can do it in a plugin form, but it’s always cool to have the real thing” — Analog In The Digital

Almost every piece of hardware out there has been modelled and turned into a plugin, often many times over. But how many of us have ever used the real deal to compare?

For his #AllStarMixTrick award-winning producer and songwriter Matthew Genovese, better known as ANALOG IN THE DIGITAL (Diplo, PRETTYMUCH, Cailin Russo) offers a tip on how you can get started working outside of the box, and developing your own signature sound.

Matt has built a career sourcing and using the real analog hardware made famous by his favourite recordings on modern productions and here he shares a great place to get started.

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“My #MixTrick, which is really more of a recording trick is recording your own echo chamber.

Most people these days when they want to reverb, they use a plugin. In 1950 they didn’t have plugins or digital reverb units of any kind.

So they would just set a speaker up in the room and just send a signal from the console out to the room and there would be a microphone in there and it would pick up the signal from the speaker reverberating around in the room and that would be your echo chamber or your reverb.

I knew that they used to do that in the 50s and I knew that I had a bathroom, so I tried it and it ended up being really good.

Mine has a pretty long decay and it’s pretty light which is nice doesn’t get too bassy it’s really good for everything drums but it’s really good on percussion or tambourines because it kind of gives it a good splash and a long tail.

You can do it in plugin form, but it’s always cool to have the real thing.”