WATCH: #DreamCollabs | Matthew Genovese

Introducing: #DreamCollabs – a series where we chat with the world’s most esteemed producers, engineers and mixers about their dream musical collaborations. 

#DreamCollabs uncovers the reasons behind these collaborations and why it’s essential to dream big, whether it be meeting their childhood music heroes, working with an emerging artist that excites them or collaborating with an artist whose sound has influenced the creative choices these industry powerhouses make. 

In this first episode, we are joined by writer, producer, mixer and collaborator extraordinaire Matthew Genovese.

Matthew Genovese’s dream collaborator is The 1975 and how similar musical influences, and a passion for balancing the qualities of both analog and digital music production has informed his pick.  

Trust us we can already tell that this collaboration would be extraordinary. 



A dream collaboration – I would love to work with the 1975.

I feel like we have a lot of similar influences. They even have the same console that I have, which is kind of rare. It’s one of the actually the big reasons I can’t send sessions back and forth to people is because they don’t have that and so that would work out.

And I just feel like they would have a lot of fun in my studio with synths and instruments.

Everybody has to be here because I have all the gear that I want here and I know how my room sounds and everything set up exactly how I want to work.