WATCH: How Teezio Tracks Vocals for Chris Brown | #101

We’re uncovering the recording and mix tips that rarely leave the studio in our newest series, #101. 

Kickstarting the series, we speak to three-time Grammy nominee Teezio about the high-speed tracking techniques he uses when tracking vocals for Chris Brown. 

Arming multiple channels to never miss a moment of inspiration, Teezio explains the process he uses to guarantee Chris’ creative flow is never hindered.



Hey, I’m Teezio and you’re in my studio in Los Angeles, California. Today we’re going to be going over some recording techniques that I use with Chris Brown. Let’s dive in.

We’re in the room, we’re vibing and he’s coming up with lines. He comes up with the first line and it’s like ‘go in there now and lay it’. He runs in the booth. And obviously, I have the track always in record ready to go, boom!

I usually have three record tracks, right? So like one of them is the one that records and the other two are where I dump the vocals before I actually drag them to where they need to go. We set off recording, he’s going to lay the first line and when he finishes, I’m gonna hit stop record, drag it up.

He’s gonna listen to it and he’s going to now sing the next line. So same thing he sings it, he’s done singing, he listens to it, does the next line, maybe says ‘do it over’ so I do it over. Everything is playlist. I never delete anything that he records.

So that’s kind of the whole layout. Everything is happening really fast. There’s no silence for Chris. Everything he’s hearing in the headphones is a constant push of music.

He doesn’t know any of this is happening. It’s just a smooth, almost as if he’s driving on a road with no bumps. And that’s what I want to make the experience like for the artists.

All of the hectic stuff, I’m dealing with it. All the stuff that I’m doing, how I’m moving like this, it’s all second nature to me. I don’t even think. That’s what happens over 13 years of doing this. It’s all I know is how to do this.

Neil Dowd
Author: Neil Dowd