WATCH: #PinchYourself | Alina Smith

We’re uncovering the biggest pinch-me-moments that the world’s most esteemed producers, engineers and mixers have experienced, from working with childhood heroes to winning awards or landing their first hit record, hear the stories that make you #PinchYourself.

In the latest episode of #PinchYourself we sit down with number-one-selling songwriter, record producer, and co-founder of LYRE Music, Alina Smith (ITZY, Red Velvet, Fall Out Boy) in her LA home studio.

Alina spoke to us about the importance of staying grounded, appreciating where you’re at in your career, and knowing that what once made you #PinchYourself might not do so now. It might just feel earned and even normal.



When you’re very young, you think you’re gonna feel a certain way about your successes.

You think, wow, I’m just gonna be so happy if this thing happens for me. But when that thing happens, the thing is you’ve been working toward that moment for so long that it, it isn’t anti-climactic for necessarily.

It just feels very like, Normal. So all of my successes, I’ve never been like, wow, I can’t believe this is happening, cuz I’ve been building toward it and you know, really going through the grind to get to that spot.

So when you’re there you’re like, okay, great, I’m so, I’m so glad I’m here. As long as I’ve been doing this, everything feels kind of calm and nice and honestly I prefer it that point.