“The weirdest time in my life was getting parenting advice from Tom Waits” – Pete Lyman | #PinchYourself

This time on #PinchYourself, Grammy-nominated mastering engineer and owner of Infrasonic Mastering Pete Lyman (Chris Stapleton, Jason Isbell, Brandi Carlile) reflects on getting the gig remastering some of his favorite records with Tom Waits.

We’re uncovering the biggest pinch-me-moments that the world’s most esteemed artists, producers, engineers and mixers have experienced, from working with childhood heroes to winning awards or landing their first hit record, hear the stories that make you #PinchYourself.

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One of the weirdest times in my life was getting parenting advice from Tom Waits.

I’m a huge fan of Tom Waits. I’ve remastered all of his records except for the Island Records. We did that when I was still in LA 2016.

It was about a year and a half project. We did a lot of it remote, but he did attend a couple of the sessions and very, very involved. Tom and Kathleen are very involved in all that.

So it, it was very much a collaborative effort. It’s. Amazing to be able to work on these records that I’m a fan of. Tom waits the God it’s crazy to work with him.

It’s like, okay, I can get hit by a bus tomorrow and everything’s cool. That’s the, that’s as good as it gets.