WATCH: #TilYouMakeIt | Andrew Dudman

How did the Abbey Road Studios’ recording engineers stream orchestral sessions before LISTENTO?

In this #TilYouMakeIt episode, Senior Recording Engineer, Andrew Dudman, explains the expensive, unorthodox method that was used.

In this example, it was a session for ‘Star Wars: The Phantom Menace’ taking place in Studio One where the engineers streamed over satellite to John Williams, George Lucas and the entire ‘Star Wars’ team based in LA while running lengthy cables to a broadcast truck in the studios’ car park.

“LISTENTO has revolutionized how we work on these remote projects.” – Andrew Dudman



Cables running through the doors out to the, out to the car park, streaming over satellite to, to get to them

Before the rise of internet streaming and quick, simple, easy, easy methods to stream, uh, music on a certain Star Wars session.

That was just a day’s recording, so no one came over. Producers John Williams and George Lucas, everyone stayed in in America to make it work. We actually had an outside broadcast truck he’d pay through the nose.

For bandwidth and quality wasn’t great. Nowadays, obviously we don’t have to worry about getting trucks in or ISDN lines.

It’s so much easier these days using LISTENTO for the stream of the audio, whether it be stereo stems or five one, it literally has revolutionized how we work on these remote projects.