WATCH: #TilYouMakeIt | Matthew Genovese

“They’re blown away that this technology exists.” — Matthew Genovese.

Audiomovers epitomizes what producer/songwriter Matthew Genovese is all about — “analog in the digital”, as it allows him to stream all his analog gear, digitally, to anywhere in the world.

Client and A&R feedback are received and incorporated in real-time on a call, meaning everyone involved in the record is on the same page, even if they are on different continents.

When Matthew first came across Audiomovers by word of mouth from fellow producers and mixing engineers, he quickly realized how much time it would save him.



“It’s still at a point where some people don’t know about it. And when I bring it up, they’re like blown away that this technology exists.

Audiomovers is a definition of analogue and digital because I can stream all my analogue gear digitally to somebody overseas.

I feel like I heard about it through other producers and mixing engineers using it. And I just realised how much time it would save me.

It’s also widely used with A&R’s, Record Labels and Publishing companies because everybody can listen at the same time across the world.
So I can have the artist at home and the publisher at their office.

And we can all be listened to the same stream at the same time, all on a video call giving feedback to one another and we’re all on the same page.

Sometimes, a client will hear some sort of noise or something very specific.

There was like a digital pop in a song I was working on once and so I was able to just come in here and solo things until we’ve pinpointed exactly what it is and I can fix it.

It was just something that I would have never been able to do without Audiomovers.”