WATCH: #WhereIWork – Alina Smith

“It’s all about creating an environment where you feel happy, safe and creative.” – Alina Smith 

#WhereIWork is where we visit the sacred spaces of producers, songwriters, engineers and artists to uncover how the world’s biggest records come together.

In this week’s episode, number-one-selling songwriter, record producer, and co-founder of LYRE Music, Alina Smith (ITZY, Red Velvet, Fall Out Boy), invited us into her LA home studio, a space adorned with treasured items, music memorabilia and unique furnishings that breathe positive energy and creativity and into her workflow.



I would definitely say this space is a reflection of me and my husband because he built a lot of the things here like this desk.

I do everything here. I am very much like a homebody producer. A lot of the times they get invited to really nice studios and I’m like, can I not just do this at home?

Because I have all my gear that I like. I have the mics that I like. Everything is kind of set up for me and personalized, so that works really well for me.

I have a few fun things here in the studio. I have some signed records by groups like ABBA, Fleetwood Mac, Carole King, who’s one of my favorite songwriters and Aretha, who is one of my favorite singers.

You know, it’s just nice to have things here that I enjoy. I have this big, giant crystal on my desk, amethyst.

It’s all about creating the environment where you feel happy, safe and creative.