WATCH: #WhereIWork | Bainz

#WhereIWork is where we visit the sacred spaces of producers, songwriters, engineers and artists to uncover how the world’s biggest records come together.

When we recently caught up with Bainz, go-to mixer and engineer for artists such as Young Thug, Gunna and YSL, in his room at Crosby Recording Studios, we knew what we had to ask:If a fire broke out in your studio and you could only save three pieces of gear, what would you save?

Bainz’s response: the Fearn VT-5 EQ Tube equalizer which he uses on “all his mixes”, the Burl Bomber analog-to-digital converter and his Bricasti digital reverb unit, one of things that he feels sets his mixes apart.

What would be the three pieces of gear you would save?



“Buildings and fire running out the door with three pieces of gear.

Right off the bat, the Fearn VT-5 EQ, it’s a tube equaliser. It’s got eight tubes in there, and it’s just an amazing sounding piece of gear. I use it on all my mixes so I’m not leaving without it.

I also really liked the Burl Bomber. It’s just something about the way it clips in the way I can push my mixes a little more. I just I’ve gotten used to working with it. And that’s one thing I feel like I’m really lacking when I’m in the box.

And third thing, maybe the Bricasti. The Bricasti is just t. It’s one of those things that sets me apart. I really like it.”